● We offer a Mentorship program in Leadership, Small business starting, and talent arising.

● We offer Leadership & Entrepreneurship training for young women.

● We Offer space and active listening to Young Women and accompanying them toward different resources.

● Creating opportunities of volunteering in order to assist young women to gain experience in various areas.

● We offer workshops to the young women on the development of self-esteem, Decision making, Financial independence, and Team working spirit.

● We organize and celebrating diverse cultural events to reinforce multiculturalis

Our values

Faith: Without divine assistance, we would not be able to help families in need.

Love: Manifested by actions and benevolence, it is the only key to healing souls who have experienced inner wounds.

Freedom: We believe that a person free to express his emotions is willing to personal development.

Respect: Respect remains a universal value for us and every human being has the right to respect, regardless of race, social rank, intellectual abilities, family, etc.

Integrity: Integrity and authenticity in our human interactions to convey positivity in life and spread peace in the world

Non-judgment: Do not judge for fear that we will be judged. Love does not judge but it can correct. Trait others the same way you would like to be treated.